The Body of Christ

The Body of Christ

The book that will change your way of seeing and understanding the Church

By Ricardo Meneghelli – 2014

This book came in less than a month’s time, in December 2011, as part of a precious work that God was doing in my life. After I shared the issue with the church, I decided to write a booklet to handout to the church members. While I was writing, the Lord continued to speak to me, deepening and clarifying the matter in my mind in such a way that the revelation I had on the subject grew and, consequently, the written material was structured and took a larger proportion.

After some time I submitted the material to the appreciation of some precious brothers who encouraged me a lot with their comments and suggestions. I decided then to format it better, as a book, that could help a greater number of people in their perception and participation in the Body of Christ. However, I kept the text without much polishing to preserve the originality of what I received, and also the desire not to make reading very extensive and tiring. As a result, the text is dense and very short sentences express important thoughts. So read it carefully and with meditation, giving time for the Lord to speak to your heart.